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ROOM01 T2 EditF_edited_edited.jpg
ROOM01 T2 EditF_edited_edited.jpg

Fortune Teller Studio


5.1 or STEREO - Sound Design and Mix

for TV, Radio, Podcast and Web

Fortune Teller Audio Studio is client-ready, comfortable, and sounds great. Designed by acoustical-space architect Felipe Mesa Castillo, and constructed by Atlantis Design & Build, It's a perfect space for mix and review of all home media formats: TV, Radio, Podcast or Web, in either 5.1 Surround or Stereo. At its heart is the newest Pro-Tools Ultimate System with top-of-the-line processing and noise-reduction plug-ins (Waves, Izotope, Soundtoys). The room has been acoustically treated to the Designer's specifications, then software-analyzed and tweaked, and is ready for all your project's audio needs.


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