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An Uncommon Sound Design, Audio Edit and 5.1 Mix Studio in Rockville, MD

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Studio Services



Whether the job is a 5.1 surround mix for broadcast television or a two-talent podcast for the web, I've got 25 years' experience and the latest in cutting edge software (Pro Tools Ultimate, Izotope noise reduction, Waves dynamics and EQ) to make your program sound clear, full and engaging.


Wheat Field

Sound Design is what convinces your viewer that the world of your project is real. Sure, I've got a big sound effects library and a bunch of crazy plugins, but more importantly, I've got a great ear and a limitless enthusiasm for playing with sound.


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Editing involves cleaning up voice takes and getting them to flow seamlessly, noise-reducing location dialogue, smoothing ambience between multiple mics, and getting the music to hit at exactly the right time. It takes just the right kind of obsessive perfectionism.


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I have an acoustically treated alcove with a large condenser mic for live voice recording, plus system-integrated Source-Connect, which links up in pro resolution with most any other studio in the world. I can also set up multiple microphones in the studio lounge for more casual, multi-talent recording.

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My Work

I've designed and mixed shows, pieces, promos, spots and podcasts for National Geographic, Smithsonian, PBS, Nova, NPR, Steppenwolf Theater and many more...

Here's a small sampling.

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Ask The Spirits

Please contact me to discuss your project, get rates, or just chat

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Brian Callahan

(240) 688 - 6931

14400 Ash Ct, Rockville, MD 20853

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